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  • The Story of Activision’s Call of Failures
    Anyone buying the new Call of Duty game has huge expectations of a constant flow of killing and show-stopping cut scenes. In previous years Call of Duty has been Activision’s main reason of success. However, what was known as the best selling game of ever made is coming to a pathetic end.
  • Test Your Knowledge of the Call of Duty Series
    The Call of Duty franchise has been hugely popular selling millions of copies around the world. How well do you know the series? Take our quiz and find out.
  • A Brief History of the Call Of Duty Franchise
    We look at how the Call of Duty franchise progressed from a well received FPS to the sales-reaping giant we all know, all written in small, bite-sized paragraphs.
  • Classic Game Reviews - Call of Duty: United Offensive
    United Offensive was released a year after the original Call of Duty as an expansion pack. Developed by Gray Matter Interactive instead of Infinity Ward, United Offensive tried to do everything better. In many cases, it actually succeeded.
  • Classic Game Reviews - Call of Duty
    Despite being eclipsed by its successors and surrounded by a sea of World War 2-themed shooters, the original Call of Duty still appeals for its solid gameplay and innovative level design.
  • Is the Call of Duty Franchise Overrated?
    As the bestselling franchise of all time, does Call of Duty deserve all of the praise it receives, as well as the flak? This article goes over the more recent history of the series, and the twists and turns it's taken over the years.
  • Call of Duty Is a Stale Franchise
    The Call of Duty franchise has been around for some time. This article looks at the franchise and some ideas for new directions for the game. These are opinions only and may differ from what you envision.
  • The End of Free Online Multiplayer As We Know It? The Call of Duty Elite Subscription Service
    As Modern Warfare 3 inches ever closer to release day, so does Call of Duty Elite, a subscription based stat tracking and clan management service. Could it possibly be the end of the truly free multiplayer FPS experience we've come to know and love?
  • Three Way Shoot Out: Three Popular Free Online Shooters
    Gaming is full of shooters, even extending to free online FPS games... But which one to choose? A look at three popular shooters that let you get your frag on for free - Combat Arms, Operation 7 and War Rock.
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