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Call of Duty 5: World at War Game Map Guide - Seelow

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Call of Duty 5 features 13 maps available for online play, and this article covers the Seelow map. The premise of this map is that you are fighting on an old farm, so there’s a big open field in the middle, a large bridge, and various barns and farmhouses. Tanks are also available on this map.

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    Seelow Map Guide

    The PC game Call of Duty: World at War is also known simply as Call of Duty 5 and currently has a total of thirteen multiplayer maps of varied sizes in which you can go head to head against opposing players online. This guide will describe each of the maps in detail, plus give you some pointers as to where to find the best defensive locations and strike points. However, this is by no means a definitive guide, and I encourage you to find your own favorite spots within the map.

    The Seelow map is a very large map that is one of four available maps that allows tanks to be driven. The premise of this map is that you are fighting on an old farm, so there’s a big open field in the middle, a large bridge, and various barns and farmhouses. The tanks that appear in this map come up in the far left and right ends of the map. Because much of this map is pretty flat, a good tank driver can wreak havoc on the enemy.

    I think this is the second largest map in the game, with a size comparable to that of Downfall. Likewise, it isn’t as much fun with only a handful of players because everything is so spread out. With a good crowd on a server, it can be loads of fun. This is also a good map to enable the Bazooka for your soldier because you’ll be able to practice taking long range shots at tanks when they get out in the open. Just remember that the bazooka can only shoot the rocket so far.

    Perhaps the biggest bottleneck in this map takes place underneath the bridge in the middle of the map. In the upper portion, there is a bit of water that runs through and it is not uncommon to find a couple of tanks battling it out through there. On each side there are tons of barriers and things to be used as cover, and I’ve personally engaged in a couple of bazooka-vs-tank matches myself. Because you can kneel down in the water and provide a good bit of cover for yourself, it is pretty common to get picked off from long range by somebody hiding down river from you.

    Just from looking at the map, you can clearly see that the bridge, with its wrecked train cars, divides the map almost evenly in half. There’s a hill leading up to the entrance in the center, plus people like to hide inside those railcars and pick off enemy troops as they try to scale the hill. It’s also fun to lob grenades over the top and see if you get anyone on the other side. When there’s a lot of people playing on the server, taking charge of that hill can be very difficult.

    All in all, Seelow is a great map for honing your long range gunning skills, as there will be plenty of opportunities to pick off enemy soldiers from afar. This map is pretty popular online and I’ve seen servers that host nothing but matches using this map.

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    CoD5 Seelow Map

    Seelow Map
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