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Call of Duty 5: World at War Game Guide - Killer Challenges

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Killer Challenges in Call of Duty 5: World at War mainly focus on getting specialized kills like headshots, or using the various perks to take out enemy soldiers. They are the fourth set of Challenges that come available as you go up in level.

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    CoD5 Killer Challenges

    Call of Duty: World at War, also known as Call of Duty 5, employs a Rank and Challenge system that you might compare to the character leveling system in a role playing game. The fourth set of challenges are called Killer Challenges and mainly focus on using perks and special weapons that are unlocked as you rise in level. You’ll see each one has three tiers which depend upon the number of kills made at each tier. Completing these will help you earn experience points toward increasing your rank and unlocking better weapons and accessories, plus some new challenges.

    Pistol Marksman I-III – Kill enemies while using a pistol.

    If you like to play a sniper, then you may have already figured out it is best to move around with a pistol drawn since they fire a lot faster than your sniper rifle. You can also rack up a lot of pistol kills with the Last Stand perk.

    Pistol Expert I-III – Kill enemies with a headshot while using a pistol.

    Just aim for the head and shoot straight. You can do it. I sometimes like to pop people in the back of the head when I sneak up behind them, though it is still more fun and degrading to knife them.

    Bolt Action Expert I-III – Kill enemies with headshots while using a bolt action rifle.

    Since these type rifles have such slow reloading times, you need to learn to carefully aim your shots. Why not aim for the head, or just the upper body area? You’ll make your shot count a lot more.

    Rifle Expert I-III – Kill enemies with headshots while using a rifle.

    There are some very powerful rifles in this game and some of them are semi automatic, so getting a headshot isn’t too hard. Just train yourself to keep the crosshairs at the right level so that you are automatically aiming toward the enemy’s head while moving. You can practice by aiming at your fellow teammates.

    SMG Expert I-III – Kill enemies with headshots while using a submachine gun.

    The same principle with the rifle applies to the submachine guns. I’ve found it best to shoot in short controlled bursts, rather than just unload a clip on somebody.

    LMG Expert I-III – Kill enemies with headshots while using a light machine gun.

    Same as above.

    HMG Expert I-III – Kill enemies with headshots while using a heavy machine gun.

    This is probably the hardest of them all because the heavy machine guns aren’t known for high accuracy. I suppose if you fire enough rounds fast enough, eventually you’ll get somebody in the head.

    Master Chef I-III – Kill enemies with cooked grenades.

    I wrote an article on how to cook grenades in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and they work exactly the same way in this game. Basically, grenade cooking is when you hold down the throw button for a little longer in order to shorten the amount of time after release before it goes off. Just be careful not to blow yourself up.

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    CoD5 Killer Challenges (cont'd)

    Artillery Strike Veteran I-III – Kill enemies by calling in artillery.

    Be sure to combine your artillery strikes with the radar so you can see where the enemy soldiers are. On a busy server, you can sometimes find a concentration of players and really rain hell down on them. I’ve gotten over a dozen kills out of one arty before.

    Dog Handler I-III – Kill enemies by calling in the dogs.

    You can’t control the dogs after they’ve been called in, so this is one where you just have to let the numbers add up. The hard part is getting enough kills in a row just to call in the dogs, but you’ll get it eventually.

    Signal Flare Veteran I-III – Kill enemies still dazed by a signal flare.

    This one is fun and mean at the same time. First, throw your signal flare, then look for the enemy soldiers who have their arm up over their face to cover their eyes. Chances are they won’t even see you coming.

    Counter-Betty I-III – Kill enemies by shooting a Bouncing Betty.

    The Bouncing Betty has a very wide area effect, so it is great to put near doorways and wait for people to come running through. Shooting them can be tough since they are such a small target, but it can be done.

    Counter-Satchel I-III – Kill enemies by shooting a satchel charge.

    The idea behind this one is to shoot someone else’s satchel charge, and not your own. These things put out a lot of damage, too. You can get a double whammy if you damage or destroy a tank at the same time.

    Fumigator I-III – Kill enemies still dazed by a tabun grenade.

    I really dislike these smoke type grenades because they make you cough and really hinder your character if you get hit by one. Just make sure you are at a good distance before you set this one off, because it will also affect your teammates.

    Bouncing Betty I-III – Kill enemies with a Bouncing Betty.

    This one is easy enough. The key it to set them just inside doorways where people can’t see them until it is too late. It also helps to use them to protect stairways and other entrances to keep enemy soldiers from sneaking up behind you.

    Satchel Charge I-III – Kill enemies with a satchel charge.

    These are great to toss over a wall or into a room with an enemy, then detonate. They are also great for putting the hurt on tanks.

    Pyro I-III – Kill enemies with the flamethrower.

    The flamethrower is quite lethal, but has a very short range. Your best bet is to find a nice corner to hide in and wait for enemy soldiers to come by. Just be aware that the giant fireball it creates will alert everyone of your presence, so you may want to move after getting the first kill.